Breeding Soundness Exam

Because bulls are so crucial to a cow calf operation, we recommend them receiving a breeding soundness exam annually.  This includes a physical exam, sperm evaluation, and test for tritrichomonas*.  We send our trich tests to the Texas Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for PCR testing for quick and accurate results, with pooling bulls as an option.  We evaluate the sperm in house for motility and morphology to ensure your bulls are in prime condition for the breeding season.  Vaccinations, deworming, and other treatments can be done at the same time for your convenience.

* Texas Animal Health Commission and Texas law require a negative trich test on all non-virgin bulls prior to selling or leasing unless heading to slaughter.  If you have a question about this law, please call us and we’ll help you determine if your bull needs to have a trich test prior to selling him.