Equine Services

Equine Preventative Medicine


Horses need preventative medicine to stay healthy and free of infectious diseases.  Annual exams, parasite tests, and routine vaccines help keep them healthy and prevent problems.  At Boonville Animal Hospital we can customize your horses’ vaccine schedule to fit the needs of your horse and the environment it is in. Depending on exposure, we create a vaccine program using our rabies vaccine, VEWT (Eastern, Western, and Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, and Tetanus), West Nile, Flu Rhino vaccines, and strangles vaccine.  We also recommend annually the Coggin’s test for Equine Infectious Anemia, and regular tests for intestinal parasites.  We can help create the best and easiest plan for deworming depending on environment and parasite load.  Please visit with us about your horses, their needs, and how we can help you with their preventative health program.     

Equine Dentistry


We love using our power floats to reduce the points on horses’ teeth and correct minor oral problems.  This helps horses eat better and pain free.  Because horses’ teeth continue to grow and the mouth is constantly changing, we recommend annual oral exams.  Depending on where your horse is in its life, it may be time for a float to reduce the sharp points causing ulcers in their mouth.