Emergency and/or Extended Care

After Hours Emergencies


We provide after hours emergency services to our current clients on weekdays and Friday until midnight.  Over the weekend, we ask our clients to take their animals to the Texas A&M small or large animal clinic on emergency.  If you are a current client of our hospital and have an emergency, please call our normal clinic telephone number, (979) 774-4818, and our answering service will text the doctor on call.  The doctor on call will call you to visit with you about your emergency to determine what the best solution is for your pet. 

Although we offer after hour emergency calls, we do not have a doctor or technician who stays at our hospital overnight.  If your pet needs that type of care or testing through the night, we may recommend you visit the Texas A&M small or large animal clinic.

House Calls


We are happy to make house calls. If you or your pet finds veterinary visits stressful or if you would simply prefer the convenience of a home visit, please call to arrange an appointment.